[lubuntu-devel] Translating Lubuntu Tweak and Lubuntu Default Setting - add Swedish

Julien Lavergne gilir at ubuntu.com
Sat May 14 11:13:53 UTC 2016


2016-04-30 22:46 GMT+02:00 Josef Andersson <josef.andersson at gmail.com>:
> Hi, I would like to translate  Lubuntu Tweak and Lubuntu Default Setting
> to Swedish (that is se), but the language list in launchpad doesn't show
> Swedish as an translatebla option at the moment. Could someone please
> add Swedish to these?

As far as I know, you just need to go to
https://translations.launchpad.net/lubuntu-default-settings, and if
your preferred language is Swedish, the translation will show up. No
need to set-up anything.

Julien Lavergne

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