[lubuntu-devel] cursor invisible after timeout and screen-saving

Ian Bruntlett ian.bruntlett at gmail.com
Thu May 12 16:13:49 UTC 2016

Hi Olle,

I am experiencing something similar...

On 20 April 2016 at 09:36, Olle Wiklund <wiklund.olle at gmail.com> wrote:

> when I left a brand new Lubuntu Xenial final installed system for a while.
> After the screen-saver kicked in, and I activated it again, there was no
> cursor on the screen.
> But I can select thing by moving to the bottom left corner (the colour of
> the menu button changes), 'it is there' but invisible.
One of my test machines is an HP Compaq dc7600 small desktop PC. Prior to
16.04, I'd get random thin black rectangles on the screen.

As of 16.04, the rectangles have disappeared but the mouse pointer / cursor
disappears after a while.

My system uses the Intel 915 kernel module. The graphics chipset is Intel



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