[lubuntu-devel] Spreadsheet for testing RAM for installing. Was: Re: non pae

Henk Terhell hterhell at chello.nl
Sun Mar 13 16:16:38 UTC 2016

Op 2016-03-13 om 11:36 schreef Nio Wiklund:
> Hi Henk and other Lubuntu users, who want to test installing with low 
> RAM,
> I see what you mean. I was testing last night with my Toshiba with 
> Intel i5. It is usually working fast, Lubuntu can be completely 
> installed within a couple of minutes.
> But when I approached the low RAM limit, I had to wait for 3-4 minutes 
> for the first Ubiquity window to appear.
> Below the limit, I did not even get any wallpaper after 6 minutes, so 
> I decided that it did not work.
> I attached a modified spreadsheet with some test results from last 
> night. I found a difference:
> Lubuntu 14.04.1 LTS desktop i386 can be installed with 224 MB RAM
> Lubuntu Xenial daily desktop i386 can be installed with 256 MB RAM
> Maybe we should state a limit:
> Select 'Install Lubuntu' and set the boot option mem=xxxM and press 
> the Enter key. If the first window of the installer does not appear 
> within 5 minutes, we can consider that there is too low RAM for the 
> installer to work.
> Maybe we should suggest more patience, for example 10 minutes. What do 
> *you* think?
> Best regards
> Nio

For me 5 min is enough to despair about finishing the installation.

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