[lubuntu-devel] non pae

Henk Terhell hterhell at chello.nl
Fri Mar 11 23:22:08 UTC 2016

> Hi Henk and everybody else who wants to test how much RAM is needed by 
> Lubuntu Xenial,
> Would it possible for you to try installing while limiting the 
> available RAM with the boot option mem=xxxM (e.g. mem=256M)
> and find the limit, where it stops working? You can compare your 
> results with those at
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/AdvancedMethods#Test_results
> Notice that you will get different results with different hardware, so 
> a result from Xenial should be compared to a result from Trusty in the 
> same computer.
> Best regards
> Nio

Hi Nio
At boot option in the installation on my desktop I added mem=224M. There 
was no progress shown after some 20 minutes spinning of the dvd and I 
stopped it.
But at mem=256M the installation with manual partitioning went smoothly. 
The memory usage is now 135 MB right after boot. It increases over time 
to 145 MB without any input.
Looks like a neat value for L16.04 i386.


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