[lubuntu-devel] [Blueprint lubuntu-testcases-xenial] Lubuntu Testcase Revisions for Xenial Xerus

Brendan Perrine walterorlin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 19:37:22 UTC 2016

Blueprint changed by Brendan Perrine:

Whiteboard changed:
  Look at the work items and pick the one that is the highest on the list.
  Remove that from the list and search for a bug on
  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests and do the following:
  If you find one that has *nobody assigned to it*, assign it to yourself
  and mark as In Progress. Link the bug here. When you have completed the
  needed testcase, put your name below the example.
  If there is *no bug*, then create a bug, describe what it needs, add the
  lubuntu tag, and continue with the above.
  Again, please do NOT work on a test case if there is already someone
  working on it and/or if it is not put in the Work Items. If there is
  none left to work on, please contact Walter Lapchynski (wxl) and/or
  Simon Quigley (tsimonq2).
  Testcase writers:
  Simon Quigley (tsimonq2)
  Brendan Perrine (ianorlin)
  (^^ add your name above if you wrote a testcase/plan on writing one, in
  the format as presented above)
  Completed testcases:
+ Brendan Perrine (ianorlin) lxqt-panel 1575933
  NOTE: The revisions needed testcases could be fine, they just need to be
  checked for consistency and accuracy
  Also, the Work Items field is strict and therefore it looks weird.

Lubuntu Testcase Revisions for Xenial Xerus

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