[lubuntu-devel] Black screen with flashing cursor

Walter Lapchynski wxl at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 20 05:54:27 UTC 2016

Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily refute the explanation i gave.
On Apr 19, 2016 22:22, "Jan Holtman" <oulik.jan at gmail.com> wrote:

> It has happened with the last 6 images, (as long as I have downloaded
> them). Also on some computers it works and on some not.
> I tested with 7 different machines and 3 out of 7 machines with the same
> live USB stick had the same problems.
> Also I tried 3 different USB sticks. It happens with the 32 and the 64 bit
> versions.
> On the same machines the Xubuntu live ISO works fine.
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> Met vriendelijke groet / Best regards,
> Jan Holtman
> oulik.jan at gmail.com <1%3Aoulik.jan at gmail.com>
> <2%3Ajan.holtman at live.com>
> On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 4:56 AM, Walter Lapchynski <wxl at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> I've seen issues like this when the media itself does not match. Make
>> sure to not only check the downloaded iso against the published hashes but
>> also either independently check the media or run the check on the
>> installation media in the boot menu.
>> On Apr 18, 2016 11:25, "Jan Holtman" <oulik.jan at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I found a strange bug on the daily build versions of Lubuntu 16.04 When
>>> booting from a live USB on some older machines Lubuntu 16.04 does not boot
>>> through, I just get a blinking cursor. I have tried this on 3 different
>>> machines, The nomodeset setting seems to kind of solve the problem, but
>>> then only one monitor can get used. On one of the machines that I tested
>>> the font looks weird. It is not an ideal solution. All the machines which
>>> had those problems are older machines TXXXX series processor, like T2400,
>>> T5500 etc. Lubuntu is ideal for older machines
>>> I found out that running Xubuntu on the exact same machines both the 64
>>> and 32 bits versions don’t have this problem. Lubuntu 15.10 is also running
>>> fine on those machines. Also the video card can be ATI based, or Intel
>>> GM945 or Nvidia
>>> Perhaps this bug can be rectified with the final release. I helped
>>> several people with Lubuntu on their old XP machines and now this is
>>> unfortunately happening.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Jan Holtman
>>> oulik.jan at gmail.com <1%3Aoulik.jan at gmail.com>
>>> <2%3Ajan.holtman at live.com>
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