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Phill. Whiteside phillwuk at gmail.com
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lubuntu favours older computers. That has the side effect of it running
like the wind on newer kit. Last cycle was the first time the alternate and
desktop images became different in terms of what was on the finished
install. The Desktop image is already a 'DVD ISO' with full language
support. The Alternate image does not have this. Our default applications
remain the same. Trying to support two versions of lubuntu of the same
release is a recipe for confusion and disaster, not to mention we lack the
human resources to do so.

Do not forget, lubuntu is the only flavour in the family that people with
machines that can only boot from CD can turn to. Something I'm proud of.
Julien and the release team will support it for so long as it is tested.
The massive help with the alternate image is that it is based on the debian
installer which is exactly the same as the server image uses, so any bugs
(as has happened this cycle), will be kindly looked at by one of the guys
who look after the server installer and any lubuntu specific glitches will
be addressed by the same nice people. Where this not the case, alternate
images would have 'died' a couple of cycles back.

If you, or anyone else, fancy rolling up their sleeves, it used to be
possible to upgrade using the alternate image. The code is still there, but
no one maintains it. I was told that if we were to maintain it, it could be
switched back on specifically for lubuntu - which would be a boon for those
with several computers to upgrade and who's bandwidth is either expensive
or slow.



On 15 April 2016 at 12:43, Simon Quigley <tsimonq2 at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> I'm finding this a bit frustrating at this point...
> Why do we attempt to fit everything on to the CD? I realize that there
> is a lot of people with just CDs to work with, but that is becoming a
> vague minority more slowly every day.
> I really like the idea that Debian pursues, we have three different
> options should we decide to do this:
> 1. We offer additional CD ISOs with extra files to insert during the
> installation, and make DVD ISOs separate
> 2. Make a DVD ISO that has *everything* we would want for Lubuntu users
> and a CD ISO that is more of a minimal install that one could download
> for a specific language(Debian doesn't do this but it would certainly
> solve the language pack problem with more room to spare)
> 3. All of the above
> Thoughts?
> And BTW Nio, Julien has solved the image problem, waiting for a respin
> to confirm, thanks anyways. :)
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