Remove / Close Swiss Forum at

Lucas Betschart lucasbetschart at
Fri Oct 12 08:15:12 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,

As announced a few days ago I'm the new LoCo contact person for Switzerland.
The first things I'm doing is removing all the dead content from/about
our LoCo. There are / were many unused websites with outdated content.
I think outdated content is something really worse because new Ubuntu
users that google something like "Ubuntu Switzerland" may think the
community is dead because the last activity on a website was 2 years

The last thing I'd like to get removed is the unused Ubuntu
Switzerland Forum in the official Ubuntu-Forums. Our main
communication is and always was through the mailing list.
We also don't need a forum for support, since there already are big
support forum from other LoCo's in German, French and Italian. Could
some forum admin please do this for me?

As a next step, I've set up a new LoCo blog ( to reach
the following goals:

- Show Swiss people that there’s a active community in our country and
try to get them involved
- Show the activities of regional groups to the other groups (let the
French speaking community know what the German speaking community is
doing and vice versa)
- Share marketing and community event  ideas with other LoCos
- Promote our events
- Show our activities to the rest of the (Ubuntu-) world  (you :D)

To reach the last goal I'd like to have the blog posts referred in as
many Ubuntu Planets as possible.
It would be cool if you add our blog at I've set up a
category called "Planet" for all the news relevant for the planets.
The RSS-URL is:

Since the planet with probably the most readers is
I'd like to get our blog also added there. I know the planet is only
for Ubuntu Members (which I'm not), but there are many people having
the opportunity to promote their LoCo activities there and it would be
great if we can do this too.

Best regards


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