CDs for UNAPPROVED teams? Any discounts if we want to purchase?

Jan Claeys lists at
Wed Nov 2 22:05:32 UTC 2011

Tomo Popovic schreef op wo 02-11-2011 om 08:27 [-0500]:
> Unfortunately, our LoCo Montenegro team was not approved last month,
> but we are trying to keep the good momentum the team has had this
> year. We were thinking of buying some CDs at Canonical store, but I
> was wondering if there is any discount for the unapproved teams?
> It would be very helpful to get few hats/shirts and maybe 40-50 CDs at
> a discounted rate. 

I'm not sure this is still true, but in the past there was a discount
rate for everybody (not only locoteams) who ordered a 100 CD pack.

Alternatively, you might want to look into having your own CDs pressed,
although that might be difficult for a small area like Montenegro (the
more CDs you get pressed, the cheaper it is), and I'm not sure how easy
it is to work with neighbour countries for that.
You can also work together with a sponsor for getting CDs pressed, of
course; e.g. if there is a company providing Ubuntu/linux services, or a
magazine that wants to include an Ubuntu CD, you could work together to
get good-looking CDs pressed together (maybe you can even get them for
free that way).

Note also that you can sell your CDs (as, for example, the French
locoteam does) or ask for donations (as we prefer in the Belgian
locoteam).  Or you can have your own t-shirts printed (or something like
that) and sell them for a profit to finance the CDs.

Jan Claeys

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