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Wed May 25 12:39:29 UTC 2011

On 11-05-24 09:13 PM, Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> If you have an opinion on Ubuntu, please take 5 minutes to fill out
> the following Ubuntu User-Experience survey:

Hi Mackenzie,

I'd like to suggest to consider using LimeSurvey in the future for
similar surveys. It seems it would support other languages than
English-only and it's free software (added bonus).

Unfortunately the survey you propose will most likely only catch
English-speaking users which carries several implications, and excludes
an important part of Ubuntu users (IMO), specially those we'd most
likely want to hear from.

It's also not clear from the survey itself who is getting this data, how
it will be used and if/how it will be shared. Your email is a good
starting point but "a bunch of members" needs to be clarified. I get so
much feedback about what's wrong with Ubuntu that this is bound to get
expectations raised and generate even more questions.

I won't be forwarding this as I anticipate the questions and complaints
about it not being in French, Spanish or Creole (spoken in teams in
which I participate), and the other issues I mentioned, but I'd love to
help set this up and imporove the process for future surveys.

In fact forwarding a request to our corresponding teams for help setting
up LimeSurvey somewhere to test/use it would be ideal. Right now I can't
coordinate this but if someone organizes it I'll gladly pass the word
around my networks. If anyone on this list can get on it directly, even

We could start looking what hosting companies support it:

In case someone can dedicate more time to this right now and convert the
existing survey to LimeSurvey, the few docs I read suggest the
GoogleDocs data can be imported into it fairly quickly so this could be
done in 3 steps:
- setup /test LimeSurvey
- Put a placeholder in the current survey
- migrate the data to it
- Redirect the current survey to the LimeSurvey one

Anyways, all this can be safely ignored, but looking forward I can't
focus on English users anymore and I believe other LocoTeams may have
reached that point too.



Fabián Rodríguez
Local Community ("LoCo") team contact pour Ubuntu Québec

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