Logging of Ubuntu LoCo Teams core channels

Daniel Chen seven.steps at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 17:55:23 BST 2010

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 3:01 PM, Ubuntu LoCo Council
<loco-council at lists.ubuntu.com> wrote:
> When new contributors are checking out teams they will have an opportunity
> to read past logs in effort to better learn more about the team, this will
> help them to see what they can expect from the team, and even potentially
> find where there are needs that they might be able to help with.

If reading logs is the preferred mechanism for learning "what they can
expect from the team, and even potentially find where there are needs
that they might be able to help with," then there are *serious*
shortcomings in the other communication mechanisms.  I would not
expect a rather casual user to trawl through irc logs to find this
information that should be exposed on a much more intuitive page(s).

> Transparency - LoCo team channels (especially main channels) should strive
> to be a collaborative environment, where both gurus and new users can feel
> at ease to ask questions and have discussions in a non-offensive manner.
> Many channels ask in their channel topics that users within the channel be
> respectful and honor the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

We should be careful that mandating logging creates a false
transparency.  In practice, the more offensive the intent, the less
likely the intrusion will be limited to a publicly logged channel.

> Help the LoCo Council with team mediation in case of issues that arise. We
> have had several teams and team members asking the council the help with
> issues that have surfaced only to find that most of the complaints of
> behavior/dialogue took place within unlogged channels. This then becomes an
> issue of one contributor/member/users word over another, and can make things
> very difficult to mediate, and issues hard to resolve.

This example is certainly a valid use case.

> We would like for this to be considered a requirement for all LoCo Team
> Channels, who are present under the #ubuntu- name space on freenode, not
> just Approved Team channels. This would only apply to each team main/core
> channel and does not apply to additional offtopic/chat channels.  While some
> teams have created offtopic channels in the past this has also lead to the
> team core channel not being used and in some cases killing off their channel
> so please be considerate of this.

Mandating logging as a requirement seems rather extreme.  I'd rather
see it implemented by request - per-LoCo team - than implemented as a


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