LoCo Outreach via Team Cross-Pollination

Nick Ali nali at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 29 05:46:42 BST 2010

This is an idea on how to get new LoCo members interested in different
parts of the Ubuntu community.

The wiki is a great resource, where new members of the community can
learn about all the teams that make up the community, what they do,
how they do it, how to get involved, and much more. But some folks
still feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the wiki. Some just learn
differently. Thats why Ubuntu Classroom and Open Week are great, they
provide a different way to present the material to interested

But Ubuntu Classroom and Open Week are pull methods, the user has know
thats what they are interested in before attending.

I suggest a push method. Lets take IRC LoCo meetings. Assuming a LoCo
has regular IRC meetings, wouldn't it be great if someone from the Art
Team stopped by and discussed how the Art Team works? How about
someone talking about how to translate Ubuntu into their native
language? What if the Documentation Team discussed what needed to be
updated for the next cycle? This can be extended to every community
team. Tie in slides and web pages with Lernid and the discussions
become more powerful.

The advantage to LoCos is that they get someone who is very
knowledgeable about a specific aspect of the community to present to
their LoCos. And it might make LoCo meetings less boring :-)

This would obviously require the various teams to make an effort to
reach and communicate with LoCos, but the advantage to teams is that
they are actively recruiting from a pool of individuals who they know
are already interested in the Ubuntu community.

Thoughts? Criticisms?


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