LoCo Directory developers would like some input

Fabian Rodriguez magicfab at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 24 19:05:36 GMT 2010

Laura Czajkowski wrote:
> Our question to the community is, what would be the impact on your use 
> of loco.ubuntu.com for planning local events, if times were entered and 
> displayed in UTC,instead of local time. If the burden is not great, we 
> will do that. If the burden is enough to significantly impact usage, we 
> will go the more difficult (for us) route.

I wouldn't use it. I am already updting multiple calendars, wondering
why I can't just "import event from XYZ". Dealing with timezones - I
don't think so.

Ask the first-time visitors "What time is it for you right now ?" and
store that as a cookie.

Optionally get user's time zone from Launchpad if logged in. (not sure
if LP has timezone info).

I think Drupal does it like that and some forum websites too.


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