Server CD distribution (was: Ubuntu shipit)

Jan Claeys lists at
Sun Mar 7 20:53:15 GMT 2010

Op zondag 07-03-2010 om 14:33 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Martin
> I would like 300/5/30
> We never have any interest in Kubuntu either since all the events we do
> are for non-geeks. The odd person will sometimes ask us for a kubuntu
> cd, but otherwise they're a box of cup coasters.

Make that 400/0/0...  ;)

The Server version is useless for anybody who's not a server admin with
linux experience IMO, and those people know well enough where to get
an .iso and what to do with it.

And like you say: confusing new users by also offering kubuntu CDs is
something to avoid.

Jan Claeys

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