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Hello, this is Michael Lustfield from Kalliki Software, LLC. In the
future, you should attempt to contact me directly. If you searched for
my name on Google, I'm surprised you did not find my Launchpad account
which would allowed you to have contacted be directly.

As for your request for information below:

On Sat, 6 Mar 2010 22:35:53 -0600
1bigteddy at gmail.com wrote:

> muller reinhold sent a message using the contact form at  
> http://kalliki.com/contact.
> Hi there
> Have read your thread on the web re shipit's change of policy.  (  
> http://www.mail-archive.com/loco-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com/msg03397.html)
> 2 things
> 1 --   Shipit has NOT made anything clear.  The web based ordering system  
> only comes up with the same default message telling me there is a overload of  
> cd's being sold and try other avenues.  Inquiries to them have not resulted  

This message is pretty clear to me. They have an extreme load of CD
requests. If it's possible, they would prefer that you obtain the disk
some other route.

> in a satisfactory answer - eg - this is not our department (get lost in other  

Are you sure you were trying to contact the correct department?

> words).  If they are indeed sending cd's out to only absolutely newcomers -  
> they should say so on the web - in plain English (eg - you already got one -  
> u never ever get another one free) .  - As an aside - I have a friend who's  
> interested in ubuntu - I got him to register with Launchpad (so he is a  
> virgin first time user) and he gets the same default (get lost) message!!   

Could you please be more specific about this 'get lost' message? I
ordered my Server CD through ShipIt about two weeks ago. I'm in the
process of convincing a company that they need to move away from XP
servers and they won't budge without a pressed disk.

I had no issues at all. I do see where they encourage downloading an
ISO bu they didn't just say "No, you can't get one."

> Seems I am totally out of luck or more to the point seems everyone is out of  
> luck in being able to order a free cd.
> I was looking to try and buy a official canonical pressed release of 4.10 or  
> 5.04 or 5.10 when by chance I came across the thread discussing the policy  
> change.   It would have been nice if shipit had been a bit more upfront about  
> the policy change.

If you're trying to get an older CD you will need to find one some
other route. There's no reason for Canonical to maintain old copies.
Their purpose is to help get the latest CD out to people that have
issues getting one any other route. For example, some people need to
pay for bandwidth.

> 2 --  Do you by ANY chance have a official ubuntu 4.10 / 5.04 / 5.10 cd in a  
> dusty old cubboard????  If yes - i'd be interested.

I don't. I'm forwarding this to the same list. There's a chance
somebody else could help you further.

> I tried to reply on the thread - but bummed out - so enterprising me found  
> you on the web using this method - hope this is ok.
> Cheers
> Reinhold

I want you to read that piece again. A LoCo is still able to get bulk
orders of CD's. The problem came in because many users would order way
too many CD's and eventually just throw away the old CD's. This was a
massive waste.

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