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I'm sure you've all become aware that Canonical will be rolling out a
completely different theme [1]. Some of these changes will be a move
from brown to orange and aimed at a much cleaner layout and navigation.

After talking to the ubuntu-website team about this I've basically come
to the conclusion that the existing ubuntu-drupal theme will need to
change but in a different direction.

I want our general theme concept to reflect their change. A big focus
will be on their navigation which I would like to take into the theme.

One thing I want to focus on for this new theme is the way the content
is laid out. Obviously (after being reminded) Ubuntu is for selling
Ubuntu and our LoCo sites are for supporting a community. I want to
focus this on being useful for a LoCo, not just making an ubuntu
website clone.

I would like to hear the opinions of every single person out there for
ideas that they would like to see in this new theme.

I've been asked about a timeline for this new theme. All I can really
say is that Canonical needs to first release the new Ubuntu theme; I
need to get input from everyone about the changes that should happen;
then we can get started of building it.

Again, I want opinions from every person out there about what this new
theme should be. Please and Thanks. :)


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