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Tue Jan 26 19:09:45 GMT 2010

Op maandag 25-01-2010 om 07:52 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Adi Roiban:
> We need to make a reservation. 
> I have the business card from the place we have been last year.

Well, I don't have it, maybe you can give me their e-mail or phone
number or something...  ;-)
(Whatever info you have.)

> Maybe we can get some help from those nice persons from BE Loco team :)

I am one of those "nice persons", but I live > 100km away from Brussels,
so obviously I can't just walk down there to have a talk...

> Here is a wikipage

I added myself.  ;)

(I'll also use that page for some other things that I was going to put
on the wiki anyway.)

Jan Claeys

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