Introducing a New leadership of Ubuntu-KO

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Hi~ all,
This is a 3nd try to posting.
Might be something wrong with me, no posted.

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Dear Ubuntu Members,

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
I'm Jason Jang in Ubuntu-KO [1] LoCo team.

More than 7,000 people have participated in the Ubuntu-KOREA, Republic of.
Last month we got the election of team leadership by using the BB poll system.[2]

* Ubuntu-KO owner:
  Kang, Bundo (aka bundo) is continuing;
* Contact:
  Jason Jang (aka hL1sxa) has been newly elected;
And new admin' of the LoCo 1) forum, 2) WIKI page, 3) IRC 4) mailing teams are voted.
I would like to special thanks for admin' of L10n team and former contacts.
I hope we on the Ubuntu-KO will try our best for contribute to the Ubuntu Communities.

[1]: (korean)
[2]: & (korean)

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