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Hi David,
In my blog I'm always reporting Tunsian LoCo activities mainly in French and
some times in English. And here is our last action :
Best regards.
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> Hi everybody,
> Last week I restarted the of LoCo story series on The Fridge. With these
> we want to raise awareness of the awesome work our LoCos do, both as a
> showcase of the particular teams and of the Ubuntu community as a whole.
> The idea is to publish periodic articles featuring a LoCo team and some
> of the awesome work they've done, be it a release party, a meeting, an
> installfest, charity work, advocacy, participation in an OSS event, or
> whatever you might have done and you feel particulary proud of as a
> LoCo.
> It does not have to be a current event or activity - you can tell me
> about the rocking release party you had several months ago, for example.
> I'm sure you all have stories to tell, and I'm really looking forward to
> letting our amazing community know about them. So please, let me hear
> your stories: just e-mail me with some facts, a picture and I'll take
> care of writing the article.
> Please let your LoCo teams know about this e-mail, so that anyone member
> can point me to their stories.
> Thanks a lot!
> Regards,
> David.
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