Call for LoCo stories

David Planella david.planella at
Mon Jan 11 15:25:25 GMT 2010

Hi everybody,

Last week I restarted the of LoCo story series on The Fridge. With these
we want to raise awareness of the awesome work our LoCos do, both as a
showcase of the particular teams and of the Ubuntu community as a whole.

The idea is to publish periodic articles featuring a LoCo team and some
of the awesome work they've done, be it a release party, a meeting, an
installfest, charity work, advocacy, participation in an OSS event, or
whatever you might have done and you feel particulary proud of as a

It does not have to be a current event or activity - you can tell me
about the rocking release party you had several months ago, for example.

I'm sure you all have stories to tell, and I'm really looking forward to
letting our amazing community know about them. So please, let me hear
your stories: just e-mail me with some facts, a picture and I'll take
care of writing the article.

Please let your LoCo teams know about this e-mail, so that anyone member
can point me to their stories.

Thanks a lot!


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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