Hungarian LoCo contact change

László Torma tormail at
Mon Jan 4 12:40:33 GMT 2010


as I have become the new LoCo contact of the Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo,
please let me introduce myself: I am László Torma (toros), Ubuntu
member. I am active on many fields: I write articles, news and
documentation on the Hungarian Ubuntu Community site, I am
also the coordinator of the Hungarian Community Documentation Team. I
organise events like release parties. I moderate our monthly community
IRC meetings. I hold presentation on conferences about Ubuntu. As you
can see, I am involved in many activites, and I hope this will make me
a good LoCo contact person.

Let me take the opportunity to talk a little bit about our LoCo: the
Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo may not be the largest Ubuntu LoCo in the world,
but we have some great achievements. Thanks to our great translator,
Gábor Kelemen, the localization of Ubuntu is very good, including the
official documentation and a high number of applications available
from the repositories. Our community site, is also very
popular: it has more than 14000 registered users and about 4000 unique
visitors a day. We organise several events, such as the Ubuntu
Academy, which is a 2 day training where people can learn how to be
involved in our LoCo. The Hungarian Ubuntu Community has 7 Ubuntu
members. However, there is one factor which cannot be measured by
numbers: it feels great being part of such a great community.

Thank you for your attention!

Best regards,
László Torma (toros)
Ubuntu member

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 1:03 PM, Szilveszter Farkas
<szilveszter.farkas at> wrote:
> Hi,
> it's my pleasure to introduce László Torma (toros) as the new contact
> person for the Hungarian LoCo team. He's done excellent work for a
> couple of years now leading the local documentation team, organising
> various events, and being our website's main author.
> I've been the contact person for 4 years now, so it was time to hand
> over. We also agreed on having a new contact person every year from
> now on, so we can bring new talent to bridge the local and the
> international community more often.
> Best regards,
> Szilveszter

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