Regular LoCo Features On The Fridge: Stories Needed!

Dolev Ravid Dolev at
Thu Sep 10 14:02:21 BST 2009


I sent your massage in the Israeli Ubuntu Forums.

I'm hope to see one Israeli story about that.

Good luck.

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Subject: Regular LoCo Features On The Fridge: Stories Needed!
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Hi Everyone,

For a long time now we have said that what the community needs is a 
regular stream of case studies of the great work our incredible LoCo 
teams are doing. Well, I have asked David Planella to write and release 
a case study every two weeks as part of his work. This case study will 
appear on The Fridge.

We need your stories though, so please let your teams know. More details 
are at



Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager /

Dolev Ravid
The head of the Israeli LoCo team.
Phone: +972-52-7022996
Email: Dolev at   

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