Jaunty Release Parties and FLISOL

Efrain efrain at ubuntu.org.ve
Sun Mar 1 14:01:45 GMT 2009

Hello, to all LoCo contacts, this email may seem targeted to  latin
american LoCo's out there but anyone can chip in, I would like to ask
about your FLISOL (Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software
Libre) event and if any of you are planing to integrate it with the
Jaunty Release party. Logistically, it has been difficult to promote
a .04 release for the last two years. Mainly because the .04's are
released during the same week as the event. burning CD's becomes a on
site task and that takes up a lot of time. some people are just afraid
of jumping onto a new release. what ideas or suggestions can you
provide the Venezuelan LoCo team.

Any suggstions regardng promoting jaunty on FLISOL would be appreciated.


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