Sarcasm and making fun of other projects in loco team lists

Savvas Radevic vicedar at
Wed Jan 14 08:49:46 GMT 2009

I wouldn't care so much about such incidents, since it's definitely
clear that they express their own opinion about a matter. May it be a
good or bad comment, it's still a comment. People face facts in their
life and sometimes oppose to them, some of them might be too realistic
or even harsh about the fact that they expected more of something.

If you see it being continued, you break the "roll" by expressing
another common fact that makes one problem a general one. If you can't
find any and you see it continued and that's it their ONLY purpose in
life to bash other projects and software, then you send a private
message to each one of them, with a link to the Netiquette [1] [2] and
the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. [3]

If that doesn't gather up, then you make an "global" "sticky"/"pinned"
announcement in the forums to be polite in their comments towards
other members and other projects.

If I were you and the majority of members still break the politeness
rule, I would make a "don't bash software" day and close the forum for
one day. :P


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