Can I be a loco contact?

JiHui Choi jihui.choi at
Sun Jan 11 10:19:30 GMT 2009

Hello, Rafael and all

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 4:39 PM, Rafael Carreras <rcarreras at> wrote:
> Well, the idea is to achieve a consensus. Can you organize an irc
> meeting to discuss the subject?
> You can expose your idea and objectives and, as far as I can see, it
> is difficult not to achieve that consensus. You know there are a lot
> of LoCo Teams with more than one contact.
Would you tell me nore detail about this?

Shall I make a meeting on irc in English? on
well.. I think it will not be good. because many of our people doesn't
like english.
and most of korean members visit, not

I have a suggesion.
If I gather agreement of some reasonable people, such as ubuntero,
it'll be able to replace irc meeting?

Or you can visit our channel. #ubuntu.
We have over 100 people in the channel. and many of them can speak english.
So you can ask about me and this. My nick is "Mr_Dust"

Thank you for your kindness

JiHui Choi

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