Can I be a loco contact?

Rafael Carreras rcarreras at
Sat Jan 10 07:39:48 GMT 2009

2009/1/10 JiHui Choi <jihui.choi at>:

> Hello, Rafael.
> Yes I know. So what I really want is to know how to be a contact.
> If there are some conditions, I'll try to suffice them.

There are some, but you already match them:

> I think I already got approval of some main members of our team.
> (I don't know how to prove to you)

Well, the idea is to achieve a consensus. Can you organize an irc
meeting to discuss the subject?
You can expose your idea and objectives and, as far as I can see, it
is difficult not to achieve that consensus. You know there are a lot
of LoCo Teams with more than one contact.

> and at last, if it needs some times and activities on this or some
> official mailings, I'll do.
> I don't want to be a contact right now. and I know it needs time.
> and My final purpose is to make my team as approved loco team.and make
> our team more actively.

Some meetings should do the trick.

> Thanks you, all. and please tell me details of what shall I do:)

Not at all, that's exactly why this list exist.

Rafael Carreras Guillén | 2C1AF9C5

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