we at FOSDEM 2009

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Wed Jan 7 11:03:00 GMT 2009

Adi Roiban schreef:
> În data de Mi, 07-01-2009 la 01:04 +0100, Jan Claeys a scris:  
>> I'm "in charge" for the booth at FOSDEM, but I'm currently moving to a 
>> new place and I don't have frequent internet access at the moment (which 
>> means my responses to mails are sloooooow ;-) ).
> OK. If you need help, please ask. We are ready to help.
Well, (new or original) ideas about what to show at the booth would be nice.
(But remember, we have "only" about 2 meter...)

> I think it will be great to have people at the Ubuntu booth speaking
> multiple languages. A assume French, Dutch, German and Spanish + English
> are the top priority one.
> Can we cover all this languages?
Last year we covered (at least) French, Dutch, German and English, 
although English was the most-used language by far (it's mainly a 
developer conference, after all).

> At last UDS we talked about organizing a meeting at FOSDEM and see if
> somewhere in the future we can organize an European Ubuntu LoCo meeting
> to share experience and knowledge between various LoCo.
> I assume everyone want to accumulate the wisdom of the French team :)
That could be great.

> We can also have a meeting on Friday night :)
There is the "official" beer event on Friday night, but of course the 
Ubunteros who arrive in Brussels on Friday can already meet there (maybe 
we need a recognition tag or something to find the others there?).


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