Loco Council, or an alternative idea of what it could be :)

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Sat Sep 29 22:39:55 BST 2007

Op vrijdag 28-09-2007 om 14:56 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Alan Pope:
> > - It is hard to get Cds, 

> I personally think we're pretty damned lucky to get the CDs we _do_
> get.
> I don't know of any other distro that does this.

Over the last year I got free CDs/DVDs from OpenSuSE, Debian,
OpenSolaris+Nexenta, etc.  ;)

(They are mostly distributed at conferences and LUGs though.)

> It's a major selling point, and clearly a drain on resources at
> Canonical if they churn out boxes full of CDs to ship everywhere. In
> my opinion the enduser ordering single or packs of 5 CDs should be
> prioritised over a LoCo team having boxes of them on a shelf for the
> next event.

In Belgium we have set up a local system to redistribute Ubuntu CDs, but
even those local contact points are often refused additional CDs (some
after the first 10, other people after getting 3 x 10, but nobody knows
why who gets how many--it seems to be random).  Canonical shouldn't be
surprised to hear LoCoTeams say they think about getting their own CDs
pressed that they can use as they think is best...  (Of course, creating
a more localised CD is another reason to do so.)

Please note that I don't say that Canonical should provide everybody
with unlimited CDs (it's their money!), but a more clear policy would be
nice, so that LoCo-people in the field know what they can expect and
what not.  It would take away a lot of annoyances...

Jan Claeys

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