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Melissa Draper melissa at
Wed Mar 21 11:26:38 GMT 2007

Eric Kivuti wrote:
> I am an IT student in Kenya. As a student, I am looking for way to
> gain an income. There's a lot of software being sold illegally on the
> streets here. A few of my friends keep asking me if I have a copy of
> ubuntu. It would be good if Kenya converted to linux, instead of using
> software that is not GPL. I am interested to find out how I may change
> this (and, if possible, make something while doing so).
> I noticed that there is no Kenyan group with Ubuntu, nor a
> distributor. Still working on creating an Ubuntu group, but do not
> know the qualifications to become a distributor.


Actually, there is a Kenyan team. It is listed on and their wiki page is at and according to that page, the team
will have a meeting in IRC on the 25th. It might be worth you dropping
in on that and checking out what they have going on.

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