Mailing list situation, assign someone to handle requests?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Thu Mar 1 12:51:13 GMT 2007


Could the mailing list requests be handled by someone quite soon? Ubuntu
Finland's request has been sent to mailman at two weeks
ago, and we'd really need those new mailing lists to proceed with our
plans on various teams etc. Many people have probably been in the queue
for a much longer while, too.

It shouldn't take much time to handle at least the easy cases. Now that
the responsibility of handling mailing list requests is apparently
unclear, it is very easy for everyone to do nothing regarding the
requests for months, knowing the general workload on an average
Canonical person (probably no time to check other things besides those
that are clearly assigned to you).

-Timo / Ubuntu Finland

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