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Tue Jul 24 00:28:22 BST 2007

Op maandag 23-07-2007 om 17:20 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Joe
> On 7/23/07, Eric Klemm <ericklemm at gmail.com> wrote:
> > How do brand new LoCo teams go about getting pressed CDs? do they come
> > direct from Canonical Shipit? As of now I am burning them and labeling them,
> > but I know that's not the desirable way to do it.

You can get some amount from shipit if you're an official team, or a
much smaller amount, individually if you're not yet an official team. 

> Depending on how many CDs you need, you may still find yourself
> burning and labeling ones as well. Last event we needed 500+ CDs, but
> only recieved 150.

In Ubuntu-be, (especially) when we distribute burned CDs, we ask for
voluntary contributions.

visitor Q: "Are these CDs for free?"
ubuntu-be A: "Yes, but if you want, we really appreciate a voluntary
gift to cover our costs for the fair booth, CD-Rs, travel costs, etc."

Some people pay for their CDs, others don't, but there are also people
who already use Ubuntu but still give us some money just out of

That way, we can run at a relatively low cost, without too many personal
(financial) investment by individuals inside the Ubuntu-be team.

Jan Claeys

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