loco-contacts Digest, Vol 18, Issue 9

Mark Van den Borre mvdborre at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 15:17:02 GMT 2006

2006/11/8, amachu techie <amachu.techie op gmail.com>:
> > The issue with money is then you need a legal structure in place,
> > which is different for every single jurisdiction and a major pain.
Minimalist structures often suffice. In Belgium and many other
countries, it is possible to open a bank account for an informal
organisation without too much of a formal structure in place. You just
need to clearly convince the bank of a few things with a small written
* this is a non-profit, not a money laundery
* there is at least some process in place to decide who gets to be in
charge of the money
* the people with access to the bank account are not likely to change a lot

> Can we have a trust created then? Like opening a Bank account suiting to our
> own rules and regulations and asking members to transfer money whenever a
> need arise!
Rule number one when running a small volunteer team like an ubuntu
locoteam: Keep it simple!
Rules and regulations only when absolutely needed. Action, consensus
and moral authority wherever possible.

> May be only thing we might need is the approval of Canonical/ Ubuntu to open
> an Banking account in the name of each LoCo Team (e.g: Ubuntu Tamil Team).
You don't need that.

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