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Niels Kjøller Hansen niels.k.h at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 06:33:29 CDT 2005

I have seen in the archive that Canonical/The Ubuntu Foundation were
asking for in what ways they could help the local teams.

I have a specific request/idea, which I haven't seen mentioned anywhere
else. In the Danish team, we have an idea for the Breezy release: We are
to place four or five cd's in a number of café's, fastfood joints, etc.,
along with some small pamphlets (bent double-sided A4's) on where to get

What we really need is small display boxes in thick paper with room for
a small number of CDs and some A5 sheets. Personally, I am currently on
printing a template on A3, that you can cut out and fold into a
display-box. However, a professional, sturdy box would look so much
better! If anyone have worked out a way of doing this kind of
distribution (café's) in a relatively inexpensive way (we are very
poor), please write me.

Also, is there a way for the LoCo-teams to get pressed Breezy CDs rather
quickly (i.e. a week or so) after the release? 

Thanks in advance.
Niels Kjøller Hansen
e-mail: niels.k.h at gmail.com
jabberID: nkh at jabbernet.dk

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