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Mon Aug 8 14:22:15 CDT 2005

Hi Jane!

On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 10:31 +0100, Jane Silber wrote:
> Hi all,
> We at Canonical are going to put a program in place to help out the
> various LoCo teams.  What we are thinking of is having a "conference
> pack" that gets sent to each LoCo team that would include a banner,
> maybe some t-shirts, and maybe some other small give-aways for
> conferences (e.g., stickers). What else would you like to see us
> provide?  (remember we can't do everything, so some rough consensus on
> priorities would be helpful)

I think that stuff is excellent. I bet they would be really helpful when
organising a conference. I'm sure if you wanted to sell things like
t-shirts and stickers they would also be very popular.

> I'm not sure yet how we will work the logistics of this - e.g., if we
> sent out a pack once a year (for example) or if you ask us for stuff for
> each conference.  If we send to the contact person of each team, can you
> then distribute and track within your group (e.g., the banner will
> likely be a high quality, reusable one so someone needs to track it). 
> Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

IMO sending them out when asked for is the best solution: there may be
more than one conference in a particular place, and different people
might attend. I agree that the best solution would be to ask the team
contact to arrange this.

> We are also trying to sort out a solution to providing servers for
> webhosting for each LoCo team. Will keep you posted on that.

That is great to hear as well. Look forward to more news.

Sorry that this email isn't terribly helpful, but I wanted to express
something positive :)

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