Announcing LHCP - Linux Hardware Compatibility Project

Phil Knirsch pknirsch at
Mon Jan 29 15:25:41 GMT 2007

Hello everyone.

We've recently started working on a project called Linux Hardware 
Project or in short LHCP. Goals are:

  * Provide a list of working hardware for people wanting to buy a new 
  * Provide an idea on what hardware our/your distribution in run on
  * Provide a list of hardware we need to improve support for
  * Provide an interface to all above that allows simple and complicated 
  * Get the user a list of thing that should work and a way to test that
  * Tell the user how good his hardware is supported

There have been several Hardware Compatibility lists from vendors and
other projects in the past, but most of them were limited in one
aspect or another - so we start our own.

To achive this we are building a modular framework to generate, collect, 
and analyze information about all components of systems running Linux
and how well each component works.

The project is currently in it's infancy, but following the typical 
approach of open source projects ("Release early, release often!") we've
decided to already officially announce it.

Current status is that the basic GUI application for testing is up and 
with some test modules. We're now in the process of writing the first real
data collection and test modules and are currently starting to design the
server end of the side.

The home page of the project can be found here:

If you want to take a look at the current source code you can checked it out
using Mercurial in read only mode like this:

hg clone

For development discussions a mailing list has been set up here:

Although the project is hosted under Fedora we're aiming it to be very
distribution independant, so supporting other distributions should be 
easy to
do. We have some basic requirements on what is needed on the system for 
it to
simply work, but a lot of things will be optional.

Happy hacking,

Read ya, Phil & Fabi

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