on asus a64 laptop

ken dela cruz kenb1b2 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 03:12:32 GMT 2006

I am trying ubuntu 6.06 (shipped from the canonical ltd.),on my asus a6r laptop(1.6celeron/256ram/ati200/.etc)no problem w/installation,sound works only after unmuting all entry in alsa mixer,except the external & the mic is unmuted but at its lowest level to avoid feedback(as I read from the documentation but not for asus a6r,but it helped),lan worked but slowed down/hanged?on preceeding use(on realtek 8130./8139 family fast nic lan)
     My problem really is I badly needed to have a working internet connection,esp wireless(on broadcom 4318 airforce-one g-w/c other users have hardtime configuring),because much of the stuff needed for ubuntu to work great comes from repositories,and i cant configure it &most of the people who want to try ubuntu,am very new to computing  & hope my experience with linux wouldnt be frustrating..Is ubuntu then good only for those w/working internet connection?
      I really wanted to explore/use the possibilities that ubuntu can offer as others are already in so.

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