Problems w/ Toshiba Laptop and Power Management -- Kubuntu

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Tue Nov 7 01:22:58 GMT 2006

After further testing I was able to turn off the suspend lid if laptop
closed, but now when I go to suspend nothing happens at all.  I can
hibernate just fine :-)



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Subject: Problems w/ Toshiba Laptop and Power Management -- Kubuntu


Good evening,


I have recently done a fresh install on my Toshiba laptop and things are not
going the best.  I am running Kubuntu 6.10 and have a problem each time I
start up.  A brief message appears in the top left of the screen that says
"Laptop Lid is Closed, Suspending."  After that the computer suspends but
never returns.  The power button flashes blue and then orange just like it
does when in XP (yes I'm dual booting) however if I press the power button,
grub appears and it looks like I'm going through a normal boot process.


IF I choose a console login and then do a startx command after logging in I
can use the system.  Can someone please help me further troubleshoot this



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