charlie contact at charlieluna.com
Thu May 10 15:19:27 UTC 2018

hey guys, i wanted to put this out there to see if there's a way for it 
to be done. you know how in ubuntu gnome (of which is now the standard 
ubuntu desktop), you've got dots/dashes over an active icon, say you've 
got firefox open and above it's icon there's a dot to show there's an 
open window for it. and any subsequent windows for it, it displays more 
dots above that icon. is there a way to have that feature in kubuntu? 
i'm using the icons only task manager and i'd like to see a feature 
added to kubuntu where you can have just a dot or line or dash above or 
below the icon that's active without having more icons being displayed 
for any active windows. gosh i hope that makes sense.


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