Kubuntu 18.04 ISO live USB: BIOS does not "see" it, laptop does not boot it.

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Mon May 7 19:04:13 UTC 2018

Bas Roufs wrote:
> - I would try to boot from the stick on another machine to verify that
> it works there.
> *Have done so. Fruitlessly.*

Well, if it doesn't work on another machine, this is probably the reason 
why. If the stick isn't really bootable, the BIOS will ignore it. As I 
understand the description of the Ubuntu help page you mentioned in your 
initial mail, it would create a bootable USB drive with the contents of 
the ISO file, i.e. it replaces the DVD drive. (Sorry if this is wrong - 
right now I really don't have the time to read and understand everything 
on that page.)

I have done something different to carry several ISO files on a USB 
stick and I can select which one to use at boot time. Some time ago I 
have written about it on the Ubuntu users list:
If that description wasn't good enough, please let me know what was 


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