Startup scripts not running on 16.10

leleu robert.leleu at
Sat Mar 18 20:49:11 UTC 2017

Je la 18/03/2017 00:32, Stefan Suurmeijer skribis :
> Hi all,
> I just upgraded to 16.10. Now I find some (not all) startup scripts 
> are not executed on a reboot. Specifically for me, Samba (smbd/nmbd) 
> and arno-iptables-firewall. I haven't found an obvious reason yet, 
> still looking. Anyone else see this behavior or know where to look?
> Thanks in advance,
> Stefan
Have you checked what appears in the menu
Outils système> Préférences>Applications au démarrage   ??

(this French menu opens gnome-session-properties )

I remember that I had to modify seme entries when I switched to ubuntu 

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