Podcast help needed?

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 22:43:55 UTC 2017

Hi folks, I know many of us are missing our beloved podcast, which was
an absolutely super motivational thru-line for the Kubuntu team. Even
watching episodes long after they were recorded, the energy comes
through, and the sense of fun, even if the information is a bit dated.

Lately some of our podcast stalwarts have faced personal challenges
that have kept it off the air, and we're really missing it.

What you don't see if you just watch what's posted on Youtube is the
pre-podcast leadership meeting, and sometimes post-podcast as well.
Without the podcast, those meetings have gotten more sparse as well.

The team has poured loads of time and energy into making the podcast,
and from an outsider's perspective, I think that some enthusiastic
volunteers would be welcome. Rick Timmis has been the sparkler, and
right now he's not able to join in. Ovidiu-Florin also is facing some
challenges, and Aaron can hardly carry on alone. It's just not the

Do we have a few people who are interested in joining in, even on an
interim basis? How about people to do some of the post-work, preparing
the raw recordings for upload to Youtube?

We have a small team, and even bits of help are really motivational.



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