Grouping of processes in Task Manager

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at
Fri Jul 7 17:10:50 UTC 2017

Since upgrading to Zesty, I've noticed a new issue with grouping of
tasks in the Task Manager.

I run many java applications.  Three examples are Eclipse, Intellij
Idea, and Squirrel.  Each has a launch script that ends up running
java with a variety of commandline options.

Since upgrading, these apps all end up in the same group in the task
manager.  I've attached a screenshot to illustrate.  It shows the task
manager after I click on the acorn icon which is the icon for
squirrel.  Note that the other two applications grouped with it have
very different icons. The second one labeled "jaws-trunk" is actually
Intellij Idea, and the third one is Eclipse Memory Analyzer.

Until my upgrade all of these would have been separate icons.  I
understand that they are all java programs, and I have task manager
set to group by program, but it didn't used to do this.

Any suggestions?  Should I just file a defect against task manager?

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