Plasma started crashing

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Fri Nov 11 21:05:52 UTC 2016

Nils Kassube schreef op 11-11-2016 21:47:

> Then you could try the driver from nvidia. The driver manager in system
> settings should find out which is the right driver for your card.

Can't. I'd not longer have good resolution in the framebuffer driver.

I mean the ctrl-alt-F1 screens, the TTYs. They have very poor resolution 
with nVidia.

> Well, if you don't want to troubleshoot, you will have to live with the
> crashes - and then I'd like to ask what was the purpose of your mail?
> Anyway, just pressing one shortcut shouldn't take that long and
> afterwards the crashes might stop.

I spent time filing a bug report at which point the bug report program 
first wanted me to install unidentified debug symbol files which took a 
long time. Then it showed me duplicates but wouldn't allow me to attach 
the duplicates to the bug.

I think I have spent enough time on this already for today.

The bug is apparently known and they don't want to solve it because "it 
is part of another codepath that is not our own" and so they just let 
the bug sit in whatever it is because it is apparently the 
responsibility of someone else even though only this component 
experiences it.

The purpose of my mail was to share. Maybe others have it too. Maybe it 
is widely recognised and people say "oh yeah, me too". Maybe there is a 
fix but maybe people know there isn't a fix.

A report on something is not a volunteering to do a lot of work, it is 
just a report on something, no strings attached.

If I attempt your shortcut, and it doesn't work, then what? I have to 
report back, and then you come up with another thing to try? There is no 
end to it if you start it. If you don't want to do it, you must stop at 
the beginning. Because it is never "just one keypress". And yes, when I 
try it, of course it doesn't work.... I mean I can't be certain of that 
but neither are you, and so this is just one of an infinite number of 
trouble shooting steps.

I was asking for information, not troubleshooting. I KNOW there is no 
easy solution. So I am trying to raise an awareness, and I hope others 
have an awareness I don't have, so I better know where I am at.

No time wasting, just sharing information (please).

> Nils

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