Plasma started crashing

Xen list at
Fri Nov 11 19:20:53 UTC 2016

Nils Kassube schreef op 11-11-2016 19:11:
> Xen wrote:
>> So I an an update today but now that I think of it I also exchanged a
>> graphics card (same driver, no driver exchange).
>> I don't know which is which at this point but plasmashell crashes
>> about 10 times per hour.
>> I assume it is going to be the graphics card. Makes KDE nigh unusable
>> though. One problem gone (the tearing with the other card) a new one
>> arises (I have had another card in there, so of the say 3 cards in my
>> possession from nVidia, 2 don't work. And this is just a very new
>> card, nVidia GTX 950).
> Which Kubuntu version are you talking about? Maybe it matters…


> Which nvidia driver do you use? I don't think that all drivers work the
> same with every nvidia card.


> As a start you could disable desktop effects (Alt+Shift+F12) and check
> if it makes a difference.

Yeah but I have no time to troubleshoot now.

It's funny... it hadn't crashed for a while but it always crashes if I 
click on (Konsole's) window-tile on the panel.

Maybe other tiles too. So I just clicked it because I thought it had 
magically gone away, and instant crash xD.

I was going to file a bug report but I needed to download 300 meg of 
debug information for that, so Haven't done it yet.

It always says my bug reports are worthless unless I do extra work :(. 
Thanks for reminding me. My router had summersaulted and wanted a hard 
reset before it would work again. So I forgot...

cause Ubuntu was unreachable :p.

At least I can file the bug report now. But I still don't know if it is 
my GPU or not. What happened was....

I had put SystemD on hold, but SystemD depends on a specific version of 
libsystemd. However upon installing Wine for something it wanted that 
newer version. It also upgraded a whole bunch of other packages. I think 
after that the crashing started, but I'm not sure.

Also reminded me I need to redo my SystemD messups again :). Otherwise I 
would probably have an unbootable system... :-/.


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