What size does a SWAP need at a modern 500 GB SSD at a 32 bit laptop with 4 GB RAM?

Volker Wysk post at volker-wysk.de
Tue May 24 16:09:49 UTC 2016

Am Montag, 23. Mai 2016, 14:28:47 CEST schrieb Bas Roufs:
> Hello Everybody.
> Ever since a few days I have this 'Solid State Drive' (SSD) in my laptop:
> Samsung V-Nand SSD 850 EVO,  465.67 GiB/ 500 GB,
> My laptop is a 32 bits Asus Eee PC 1025C 'Flare Series' - with a RAM memory
> expanded from 2 to 4 GB.
> I am wondering how best to partition this SSD and how big the SWAP
> partition has to be. For the time being, I am using Kubuntu 14.04,
> installed via a 'guided' install, using the entire disk. Reason of this: I
> am not sure about the size a SWAP partition needs at a SSD. Some sites
> advise to not use any SWAP at al. Others urge to keep using a SWAP, however
> about just 2 GB instead of 6 to 8 GB at a traditional 'spinning' disk. The
> guided install I have done a few days ago, delivers a SWAP of
> 1.99 GiB/ 2.14 GB. Is this 1.99GiB a correct size for a SWAP at the SSD in
> the laptop indicated above?
> Reason of this question: I want to manually partition the HDD as follows:
> sda1, primary partition at /: ext4, Kubuntu 16.04, 100 GiB/ 107.37 GB.
> sda2 or sda3: extended partition
> =======================
> + SWAP: 1.99 GiB/ 2.14 GB?
> + sda4 or sda5 at /Kubuntu14.04, ext4: Kubuntu 14.04, 100 GiB/ 107.37 GB;
> + sda5 or sda6 at /Data, ext4: Data partition. Symlinks from there to Home
> at Kubuntu 16.04 and 14.04.
> Finally - is there anything else I need to take into account when
> partitioning the SSD in the laptop dealt with in this message?

If you want to put a partition on the SDD, you may as well use a swap file on 
that partition, rather than a separate swap partition.

But you also might want to use (most of) the SSD as a persistent cache for a 
hard disk (if present). See the man page of lvmcache.


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