What size does a SWAP need at a modern 500 GB SSD at a 32 bit laptop with 4 GB RAM?

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Tue May 24 14:05:28 UTC 2016

Hoi Bas,

Bas Roufs schreef op 23-05-2016 14:28:

> 1.99 GiB/ 2.14 GB. Is this 1.99GiB a correct size for a SWAP at the
> SSD in the laptop indicated above?

Like another person has said....

If you have a 500GB disk, which comes down to ~480 or so, then 4GB is 
going to be 1/120th. It is not like you are going to suffer for it if 
you do have one of that size.

I would always pick one the same size as your memory.

And, even though 64-bit may see perhaps a 33% growth in memory 
consumption, that means 4 GB would turn into ~5.33 GB, and 4 GB would be 
the equivalent of 3GB the other way around. If you consider 5.33 GB good 
enough for a 64-bit system, many people these days, don't.

Don't forget, whatever is in swap is not in your RAM, and whatever is 
not in your RAM, leaves buffers for improved IO performance.

You may even increase the aggressiveness of SWAP if you'd like :p. 
(/proc/sys/vm/swappiness) to a value of around 90 (would have to redo 
that every boot).

Especially since, on an SSD, you will hardly notice?

Also, that 3.9GB process space PER PROCESS that the other person 
mentions, who cares? If anything, that's a good limit on a runaway 
system, in case something goes haywire.

You won't usually find anything that needs to use >4GB per process 
anyway, I believe. But regardless.

Good luck.

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