Hi & KDE Connect issues

AFJ Headquarters agents4jesus at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 20:20:08 UTC 2016

Hi Kubuntu Users!

My name is Tony. I'm interested in contributing to the KDE/Kubuntu 
community. I don't have any mad coding skills, but I enjoy doing graphic 
design and UI design. I'd love to contribute in that regard.

Well, I recently installed Kubuntu 16.04, and I noticed an issue that it 
introduced. In 15.10, KDE Connect was flawless. In 16.04, notifications 
don't pop up (I can still see them if I click on the icon in the 
taskbar) and the remote input is sluggish and delayed. Remote input is, 
in fact, unusable.

Are there plans to fix this, and has anyone filed a bug report on this?


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