IBM EPM editor clone for kubuntu?

Paul Lemmons paul at
Fri Apr 8 03:03:43 UTC 2016

If gwenview does not cut it for you, take a look also at digikam

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 7:58 PM Paul Lemmons <paul at> wrote:

> Wow! I though all of us OS/2 users had long since gone the way of the
> dinosaurs :) I can't speak to EPM but I think that gwenview is what you are
> looking for to replace PMView. It is an image/multimedia viewer. Dolphin is
> not too bad either if you turn on the preview icon view.
> Kate is an excellent editor for programming and text file editing. It is
> not so good as a word processor. It sounds like what you are looking for is
> a word processor. At least that is what I hear when I read "reflowing text
> after major editing". If so I recommend Libreoffice.
> On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 1:11 PM Lothar W Frommhold <frommhold at>
> wrote:
>> Hello All:
>> As a former OS/2 user who is presently getting comfortable with kubuntu,
>> I sorely miss the IBM EPM editor, or certain features of it (reflowing text
>> after major editing, certain block editing/programming features, etc.).
>> Kate has many good other features, and I seem unable to get comfortable
>> with emacs. The IBM text editor families have nearly all been cloned for
>> several OSs, but I was unable to find an EPM clone for linux - or would any
>> of these perhaps do: slickedit, E3, X2, XEDIT, KEDIT, THE? My question: is
>> there an EPM (or similar IBM family) clone, proprietory or otherwise, for
>> linux that one could consider? Any info you may know of would be
>> appreciated! (Another OS/2 apps I miss is PMVIEW.)
>> Lothar
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