Kubuntu 14.10 end of life

Jörn Schönyan joern.schoenyan at web.de
Fri Jul 24 06:45:39 UTC 2015

Am Freitag, den 24.07.2015, 07:51 +0200 schrieb Ralf Mardorf:
> On Thu, 23 Jul 2015 19:25:44 +0200, Jörn Schönyan wrote:
> >all the discussions, complaints and rants about Plasma 5 are totally
> >annoying. All distros are switching to Plasma 5
> But not all desktop environments switch to Plasma 5, they even don't
> switch to Qt 5. Since GNOME and KDE developers run berserk, a lot of
> users nowadays install forks or completely drop desktop environments
> and use old faithful window managers.
Of course, I've meant KDE distros (and KDE spins of distros with several
desktops). Arch has switched, OpenSuse afaik did the switch in Tumbleweed,
Fedora is switching right now. Btw, use what you want. But even "old
faithful window managers" will break some time in the future. 
> >If you have problems, report bugs and help to fix them.
> No, don't waste your time to file a bug report against unusable desktop
> environments, drop crappy desktop environments and use a sane desktop
> environment or window manager, that doesn't break professional work
> flows again and again and again.
Sometimes there is need for a technology change. Life is changing, and technologies change, too.
> Nobody would consider to use such a pot:
> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/33/The_Design_of_Everyday_Things_%28cover_1988%29.jpg
> So why should we use desktop environments that are wrong by (the)
> design?
I don't comment this, really!
> There are different designs for pots and there are different approaches
> for desktop environments, but every design and approach needs to
> provide usability, reliability, functionality that doesn't break.
If you want something what never changes, use BSD. You are wrong in the 
linux world. If you want something that never breaks, you are even wrong with computers.
> For some users the computer seems to be a toy as an end in itself, so
> they like to spend their time with crappy desktop environments.
> For other users the computer is a tool, that always should be usable.
> Usable as a sane designed pot, were the spout and handle aren't on the
> same site.
Ralf, you don't even understand what the KDE devs are doing: they spend
their time for free into a project. They may do with their time what they want.

It is everytime and everywhere the same, when something changes, the
users are complaining. I'm hearing this on the Lubuntu side, too - and
the switch to LXQt isn't already happening. On the GNOME side, I
understand the complains, because the paradigm totally changed. But
Plasma 5 is nearly the same like 4.x, just more modern and it needs some
more time for polishing.

All that rants make me quite angry - if you people aren't happy with a
distro and aren't willing to help, then go away instead of wasting other
peoples time!

> 0,02€,
> Ralf

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