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On 01/07/15 10:50, kubuntu-users-request at lists.ubuntu.com wrote:
> This all reminds me of the KDE3- KDE4 migration. But if we only want
> stability I would perhaps use Windows XP still (it is my job to know the
> various Windows versions) as it "does the job" in most cases. But, as
> pointed out by Valerie, will have huge problems with recent hardware. As
> will Trinity and eventually KDE4.
> I have all and full respect for those continuing to evolve KDE to stay
> up to date and not become outdated. Let us agree that "change is the
> only permanent".
> As many others I have decided to stay on KDE4 for now - I need a stable
> production environment. So I am one of those who do not help much with
> testing "bleeding edge" as I use Kubuntu to make a living and have
> issues with crashes, software not working yet and so on.
> But I follow the developments and changes with great interest and when I
> have time I run 15.04 in virtualbox to keep up and file bugs. Kudos to
> all devs, the VDG and others!
> ------------------------------
I have always used "bleeding edge" SuSE/openSUSE even for work and 
Kubuntu 15.04 has been up and running happily on 2 x86_64 boxes for 
quite a while with the latest vanilla kernels.

Then again I started with the first Linux kernel on an old Toshiba 
laptop with 2 floppy drives, then all the early Linux distros.
I also run Ubuntu ARM on ODROID-X, -U3 and -C1 as well as 3 openSUSE 
x86_64 boxes on which I run other distros including, Arch, Fedora, 
Android x86 and Solaris in VirtualBox VM's.

The only insurmountable problem I have often run into is in upgrading 
and removing packages in Ubuntu where it fails and offers a solution 
which does not work and the only remedy is to do a fresh install.

That has never been necessary with openSUSE which before Tumbleweed has 
been upgraded as soon as new versions have become available. Some weeks 
Tumbleweed delivers thousands of package updates and still never misses 
a beat.

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